Western Patterns provide a number of services including wood resin, metal, patterns, metal castings, reverse engineering, press tooling, 2D and 3D CAD modeling and aerospace and automotive prototypes

Our full range of services includes wood, resin, metal patterns and castings in all metals; machining; scanning systems for reverse engineering, copying, 0pps/ hand, male/female parts, scale x.y.z etc.; full and scaled working & non working models and prototypes for the Aerospace & Automotive industry; press tooling for insulations and fiberglass manufactures; tooling and transport boxes; exhibition displays and full 3D & 2D CAD drawing and CAD modeling services, vac form tooling rapid prototyping etc.

Western Patterns are based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and operate throughout the UK . We are a small business which has been established for 5 years but we have over 15 years experience in the trade. Our major customers are automotive and aerospace companies in the UK .

Whether you need machine tooling, CAD modeling, model prototypes, tool pressing, exhibition displays, press tooling and 2D and 3D CAD / CAM services contact Western Patterns today on 01453 766095 to see how we can help you. Please visit out others sites also http://www.ukpatternmaking.co.uk &http://www.westernpatterns.co.uk

We Offer A Range Of Services

  • Wood/ resin/ metal Patterns & Castings (all metals)
  • Scanning system (e.g. reverse engineering, copying, 0pps/hand, male/female parts, scale x.y.z etc.)
  • Full & scaled working & non working models& prototypes for the Aerospace & Automotive industry etc
  • Press tooling for insulations & fiberglass manufactures
  • Tooling & transport boxes also exhibitions displays etc
  • Full 3D/ 2D/CAD drawing CAD modeling services rapid prototyping vac form tooling machining etc